SGM’s history can be traced back to the 1970’s, when the group started operating bulk carriers on transatlantic grain trades. Its focus evolved in the early 1980’s to include the management and co-ownership of various types of vessels, mostly bulk carriers and crude oil tankers. Since then, SGM’s expertise has been extended to ship finance and investment services, arranging the sourcing of funds and managing maritime projects.
SGM aims to create long term value for its clients, through operational excellence and a consistent and dedicated approach to shipping. SGM’s values incorporate qualified operational management with a focus on safety, quality and efficiency, and absolute compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements.
SGM’s scope of activities, which includes vessel management, maritime investments and transportation services, enables the company to work with operators in many sectors of the maritime industry. SGM is proud to have established strong working relationships with renowned vessel owners, shipping banks, investment funds and commodity trading groups. SGM is a company member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.
SGM offers a range of services to its clients, from all-inclusive management of shipping operations to specialist advisory in niche sectors. SGM is mainly active in dry-bulk related businesses but also works on other tonnage types and specific projects.
In the maritime world, each situation has unique parameters. SGM aims to understand its clients specific requirements and to work hand-in-hand to develop the most efficient solution. From a strictly analytical approach to the full operational implementation of complex maritime projects, SGM’s broad range of expertise and dedication to its clients success can make the difference. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your maritime projects or requirements, whichever they may be.
Shipping markets are generally commoditised and a pragmatic and objective market view is fundamental to achieve success. SGM cooperates with specialist analysts and keeps track of macro and short term trends that affect the trades and assets its clients are involved in. Cyclical and structural opportunities, exposure and risk management are central to our investment services approach.
Any shipping project has systemic operational exposure and SGM aims to ensure the best systems and people are in place so that execution adds value rather than risks. From vessels inspections and technical management to logistical trade-flows assessments and implementation, SGM integrates operational efficiency as a core aspect of any project.